Wednesday, 26 March 2014

It is an admitted fact that dogs are man's best friend. Now it is up to man how he treats his best friend. If you treat your dog healthy and fit, it means you are treating him well. It has been a common observation that most people buy whatever type of dog food is on sale, which is not a healthy sign. Numerous dog food companies spend millions of bucks as advertising costs in order to make it an attractive thing to buy. Sadly, most of the dog food available in market is not composed of the essential nutrients and which leads to serious health complications of man’s best friend. Following is a list of some important ingredients that should be part of dog food.

Not Every type of Protein is Healthy
It is so true beyond the shadow of doubt and everyone would agree to it cent percent that protein is good for dogs. But some resources should be avoided which include beef and bone meal, ground up remains of the cow, blood meal especially when you do not know what animal it came from, chicken byproduct meal, which includes everything from the chicken except the meat, head, bones, etc.

Binders are not a Good Choice at all
Corn and wheat gluten are cheap binders, which are used as an inexpensive dog food. They are not harmful to dog but due their zero nutritional value, they should not be part of your dog food.

Food coloring not Recommended by Experts
Researches have shown that some food coloring can cause tumors in the adrenal gland and kidney. Therefore, make sure that your dog food is free from such hazardous chemicals. Try to buy from a renowned store, which ensure the absence of such fatal chemicals in their food. At Websites such as Coupon Park, you will find plenty of stores that provide you with dog food composed of essential nutrients.

Fats Source should be Known
As food industry is not required to disclose the source of fats that is why do not feed your dog with the type of food having fats from hazardous sources.

Some type of Food Stuff is not Healthy
Some of the typical example include apple pomace, which is a byproduct having no nutritional value. Same is the case with grape pomace which is considered bad for dogs. Therefor a good healthy dog food should not include these.

Preservatives should be Strictly Prohibited
It is advised by experts not to use BHA and BHT at any cost. Most of the countries have banned them but they are still used in USA. They are known to have causing thyroid, kidney, immune, and reproductive illnesses and cancer. Never try to buy dog food containing these substances for it is not considered healthy.

Apart from the presence of these nutrients in your food diet, it is also necessary that you choose a renowned supplier and which is wholly and solely dedicated to the cause of providing excellent dog food. In that capacity, 1800PetSupplies is considered one of the best retailers of dog food. Visit to find latest 1800PetSupplies Coupons 2014 to save money on buying products for your pets. In addition, keep in mind not to compromise on quality and select the type of food that is recommended as best by the experts.


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